Radwell E Magazine Issue 01 - Page 7

• Experiencing lower employee
morale if employees are concerned
about being injured along with their
• Needing to pay to replace or repair damaged
equipment caused by human error
Automated manufacturing equipment enables
companies to depend on smart technology to handle
more dangerous tasks. This drastically reduces the risk
of human injuries, which can have crippling costs on
their bottom line.
Most Industry 4.0 advocates emphasise the scalability
side of the equation. However, the technology can be
equally beneficial when it comes to improving the
quality of production.
Manufacturers that use smart technology depend on
deep learning. Over time, this technology develops a
better understanding of the products it develops. Users
can test the material specifications and technological
properties of goods. Smart manufacturing technology
uses this information to improve the production
process to create higher quality products.
How quality Industry
4.0 technology
Manufacturing companies are more dependent on
smart technology than ever before. They need to
depend on companies that produce high-quality
sensors, deep learning algorithms and IoT devices to
help them meet their expectations.
Radwell International Ltd has helped numerous clients
improve their Industry 4.0 processes. They supply a
large range of photoelectric sensors, pushbuttons,
timers, circuit breakers and other electronic control
devices. These smart devices are integrated into the
IoT, which enables companies to streamline their
production capabilities.
Companies like Radwell International understand that
while smart technology is highly beneficial to
manufacturers, it comes at a cost. They offer solutions
to reduce the price point for their customers, including
offering surplus parts and used components. They also
repair smart technology, which is often more costeffective than replacing it. These approaches are
helping minimise the costs of adopting Industry 4.0
technology, which is making it more accessible to
companies around the world.


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